Mirsinia room

Few moments away of Cycladic hospitality.

One of the closest island destinations, Kythnos, becomes the ideal holiday choice.


The honey of Kythnos is unique. It’s golden colour, fruity taste and intense thyme aroma make it an integral part of the diet of Kythnos.

According to the analyses of the State General Chemistry, the thyme honey of Kythnos has a high nutritional value due to its high content of pollen grains.

extra tip: pollen grain is the male reproductively cells of plants.

colour of pollen grains: black on the poppy, yellow in Dahlia, white on cotton

The honey of Kythnos contains a significant ( an important ) number of pollen grains from the plants that visited by the bee for honey production. According to a European Legislation, thyme honey is called that contains more than 18% thyme pollen. The higher the percentage is, the purer and stronger the honey is in  terms of its quality and its taste.


Pasteli of Kythnos

A traditional dish, a super food from the old days. In Kythnos pasteli distinguits for its special taste due to the honey. Offered at weddings. However all Kythnians have a pasteli in their bag “ in case of emergency”.

Wild Caper

Native on the rocks. Contained in salads.

Chickpee soup

The chickpee soup,cooked in clay pots is very popular .There is on the menu of all traditional taverns.You have to taste!!!!

Pork sausage

Sausage with spices and wine, special intense and greasy.


There are three goat – milk cheeses with different flavours and recipes.

Unsalted cheese which they make the famous croquettes called “ sfougata” and traditional pies. Don’t be fooled by the classic pie. The pie of Kythnos is essentially an individual little pie that contains cheese -egg-herbs-sesame seeds and offered on Holy Saturday at 12:00 o clock at the Resurrection of the Lord. It tastes sweet.

Pieces of cheese which they make “ pitaro” fried handmade cheese pie. Best breakfast ever.

Kopanisti of Kythnos is an intense and special spicy cheese that contained in salads.